The elegant dessert for all seasons

It is the cake that aesthetically reaches high levels for finishes and colors. Particularly suitable in the hottest periods but still appreciated in all seasons.

Normally it is performed on molds or in paper or plastic cups.
The format varies from round to rectangular slice, many times in pre-cut execution
- with sponge cake
- with crumble
- with glaze
- round
- slice
- single portion

Discover the various machine combinations
to get your
finished product

Semifreddo cakes line

Sost's solution involves in-line production maintaining the quality and personalized appearance of the product. Different configurations depending on the recipe and ingredients. From the dosage of the cream, to the wetting of the sponge cake, to the top & side coating.

Compact line for semifreddo

The Sost Compact line maintains the peculiarities of the most sophisticated lines with compact dimensions.

Ultrasonic cake cutting line

The ultrasonic blade allows to obtain a very precise but above all "clean" cut without damaging the layers of cream. This solution uses an anthropomorphic robot to obtain high quality cuts, its flexibility allows it to also perform decorations.