Granulating machine


Manual processes become automatic

The granulating machine (GTS) has been designed for granulate solid
food products continuously. The product is introduced into the hopper and
then carried to special rotary blades, that process the product in granules.
The granulating machine has a loading platform, where you can place the
baskets for collection; alternatively, the handles are suitable for the
anchoring of bags.
The upper hopper is provided with a quick-closing lid, in order to prevent
the spread of machining dust in the surrounding environment.
The cutting unit is placed under the hopper with the relative template
sifting. The template depends on the caliber to be granulated and can be
easily replaced removing the 4 fastening screws.
The cantilever configuration of the hooper allows to use the machine in
the following different modes:
- manual mode, simply affixing the baskets below the hopper;
- automatic mode, combining conveyor belts for the evacuation
of the granulated product or for loading the product:
-finally, upon request, it can be configured to be integrated
with an automatic system.
The machine can be equipped with an accessory constituted by a group of
crushing with hooked hammers and an indipendent motor.
This group, located above the blades, allows to reduce the starting block
in small pieces.
The machine has wheels with brake and so it’s easy to move, for example
to bring it to the washing area.
According to the specific regulations for food use, all parts in contact with
product are made of stainless steel and the exposed ones are anti-cut.

Hopper opening : mm ~500x500

Useful depth hopper: mm 350

Nominal area of screening: mm 210x210

Load floor baskets: mm 600x750

Granulate outlet: mm 100x100

Useful height for the basket: mm 370

Engine performance granulation: Kw 2,2

Overall dimensions: mm ~700x750x1650

Three-phase power connection 400 V + T


Large load capacity


Adjustable granulation speed


Cold cutting to preserve the organoleptic properties of food


Granulation of solid products, such as: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, dried mushrooms, mozzarella, cheese, vegetables, sponge cakes, salt, ice.

The images shown here are for illustrative purpose only. The appearance of the machine, as that of the finished product, may vary according to the customization required by the Client.