Destacker with suction cups


Manual processes become automatic

The destacker with suction cups (DMF) has been designed to put products or box containers on conveyor belt.
The DMF can arrange bowls, baking paper cups, bread slices and sponge-cake.
Can be equipped with single or multiple stores.
Once loading one or more stacks of pieces in the corresponding stock, the suction cups pick up the bowls, one by one, to lay them down on the conveyor belt, with precision/delicacy and according to the software's parametrs.
The machine can be equipped with a photocell for manage the accumulation.
The structure is made in stainless steel and has braked wheels.

Height, width and number of stores are customized to

individual specifications


Single or multiple stock


Suitable for bowls with and without edge


Bowls, baking paper cups, trays, bread slices.

The images shown here are for illustrative purpose only. Both machine's features and finished product may change according to the customisations requested by the Client.