The timeless classic cakes

The shortcrust pastry cakes differ in multiple variations and interpretations that make them unique and loved by everyone.

Among the most common:
- Grandmother's cake
- berry / lemon / apple / pear cake
- berry pie
- almond / walnut cake
- ricotta cheese pie
- chocolate cake / pear and chocolate

For the most part it is a frozen product that is pre-cut for the HO.RE.CA market

Discover the various machine combinations
to get your
finished product

Linea torte rotonde

The line for round cakes is a modular and flexible system for every need and configurable to make different products. It can also be integrated with other accessory machines at a later time to increase automation or diversify production.

Ultrasonic cake cutting line

The ultrasonic blade allows to obtain a very precise but above all "clean" cut without damaging the layers of cream. This solution uses an anthropomorphic robot to obtain high quality cuts; its flexibility allows it to also perform decorations.