Sponge Cake

The soft cake

The sponge cake gives volume and support to the cakes, combining the flavors of creams and syrups.

In addition to the most famous layered cakes or sacher, sponge cake is used to make variations of tiramisu', zuccotti, cassata and zuppa inglese.
Many times it is dipped with syrups, liqueur or coffee.
It is mainly used in square or rectangular slice cakes and in monoportions.

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Automatic line for sponge cakes

The sponge cake line is a modular and flexible system for every need and configurable to make different products. It can also be integrated with other accessory machines at a later time to increase automation or diversify production.

Compact line for sponge cakes

The Sost Compact line maintains the peculiarities of the most sophisticated lines with compact dimensions.